Bar Tending Training Certification

Bar Tending Certification

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Since the 1700's, or earlier  there has been evidence of people distilling their own spirits. producing, creating, and flavoring liquors: In this bar tending certification this course will explore  commonly use spirits, wines, beer liqueurs and cocktails  use today in the hospitality industry. 

Course Highlights 

In our bar tending school you will:

train to become a bar tender behind a real bar stations and  use industry-standard equipment.

Gain expert knowledge in spirit and liquor history, production, and serving.

Get 1 week of instructor-led training

We all have an idea of how the perfect bartender should behave behind the bar.  In our bar tending training program you will learn  that each situation requires a different set of social skills, technical  skills, and a combination of theoretical and technical experience. Our International Bartender Course will cover all of the essential basic  skills and break down the bartender’s role for you so that you can achieve everything that is expected of you and more:

Bartender responsibilities

Guest focus and sense of service

Personal representation and teamwork

Hygiene and cleanliness

You will learn 

Learn the basics of alcohol and the  law and legal age for alcohol consumption in Canada and  different countries. 

Understanding of alcohol units

How alcohol affects  the body

Responsible service techniques. 

This is essential knowledge to have for any hospitality workplace. 

 You will  learn how to maintain a professional and efficient service a bartender must learn how to utilize a particular set of tools including various glasses and types of  bar tools.

 You will learn  various methods you can use to create a drink as  bartenders need to be 100% comfortable with all of them:







Ability to feel comfortable with different alcohol contents, types of alcohols, and Liqueurs 

Vodka and aquavit

Gin and geneva



Whisky and whiskey, and their differences

Wine and cognac

Liqueurs and bitters

Beer and sparkling wine

Smart serve certification must be completed before taking this course 

Every day of your course you’ll practice creating a cocktails with coloured liquid. This allows you to practice time and time again without  worrying about waste - which is perfect for beginners. However, on numerous occasions, you’ll make cocktails using real spirits so you can  understand their balance, appearance and flavor. You’ll also take part  in a competition skills with your fellow classmates so that you can put all of  your knowledge into practice and create your own epic cocktail. 


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